San Diego, CA

June 3rd, 2017

Sleeptrain Amphitheater
2050 Entertainment Cir
Chula Vista, CA 91911

Check-In: 4:30pm
Event Start: 6:30pm


Summer sale ends on Jul 22:  $10

Regular Price:  $50

What Is Blacklight Wars™?

Blacklight Wars™ has taken a dream of unbelievable, glowing fun and turned it into a reality. At Blacklight Wars™, we have developed the world’s first neon-colored water glow battle that will allow you and your friends to have a once in a lifetime opportunity. Armed with Liquid Glow™ Water Balloons, Glow Soakers™, and Glow Balls™, you will drench an opposing team in Liquid Glow by bombarding them in a Glow Arena™ filled with more black lights than you’ve ever seen. When the war begins, participants have a chance to create a serious glow masterpiece. It’s like an epic water balloon fight, but even better—it glows in the dark! This night of neon fun will include a booming DJ at the main stage, as well as vendors, food, drinks, and a party unlike any other.

Every Participant Will Receive:

  • A commemorative Blacklight Wars™ t-shirt
  • A Blacklight Wars™ glow-in-the-dark tattoo
  • A donation to a local charity
  • Access to the Glow Arena for their assigned time(s)
  • Admission to the Blacklight Wars Party

Event Day Info

This is where you’ll find all of the information you will need for event day and the days leading up to it.

Welcome Glow Warriors

Let the battle begin. Now is the time, begin lining up at your assigned Glow Arena 15 minutes prior to your time slot. When prompted, you will enter your Glow Arena and be split into two teams. DJ’s will announce a one minute countdown, during this time you will need to collect as much Glow Gear and Liquid Glow as you can possibly grab. Complimentary Glow Balls are available in the Glow Arenas. You may also purchase Liquid Glow Water Balloons and Glow Soakers at the merchandise tent, to create the perfect glowing arsenal.

Armed and ready to begin your Blacklight War, the DJ gives the green light to begin, that’s where the fun starts. Throw, shoot and bombard the other team with as much Liquid Glow as possible. Truly the world’s most exciting water fight!

Finished with your first Blacklight War? Well, stick around and head to the main stage. After the assigned waves end all the arenas will be open for anyone with a wristband to go an UNLIMITED number of sessions. DJs will light up the night, have you dancing and making memories that will last a lifetime.


Typically there is a parking fee for the event that is handled by the venue. With THOUSANDS of smiles present on race day, please arrive early to avoid traffic!

Event Day Check-In

Gates open at the time listed above. When you arrive find the registration tent and pick up your wristband and any preordered merchandise.

Pre-Order Merchandise

All items that have been pre-ordered MUST be picked up by start time on event day. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to mail items to you after event day any items that have not been claimed will be forfeited and donated. Please make time to go pick up your pre-ordered GLOW Gear.

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Miracle Flights


Summer sale ends on Jul 22:  $10

Regular Price:  $50


Want to get involved and get your glow on? Volunteering is the best way! Dedicate your time to the Blacklight Wars™, get a free t-shirt, and get a chance to be a part of the #BlacklightWars—the brightest and most fun glow fight you’ll ever experience.



Want to join the #BlacklightWars lineup and be a part of the Blacklight Wars™ celebration? The real question is why wouldn’t you want to be involved? We’re excited to have you and want to hear from up-and-coming talent in our area. Tell us what you can bring to the Blacklight Wars™ team.



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