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HUGE SALE! $20 Tickets for a Limited Time

HUGE $20 Ticket Sale Ends Soon!

Save big on Glow Wars tickets, for a limited time you can save $30 off regular admission to the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Glow Wars event. Don’t miss this price. REGISTER TODAY

What is Glow Wars?

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Glow Wars™ has taken a dream of unbelievable, glowing fun and turned it into a reality. At Glow Wars™, we have developed the world’s first glow fight that will allow you and your friends to have a once in a lifetime opportunity. Armed with Liquid Glow™ Water Balloons, Glow Soakers™, and Glow Balls™, you will Get Glowed™ in a Glow Arena™ filled with more black lights than you’ve ever seen.

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